Start Generating Your Own Electricity!

One of the many benefits of installing a solar energy system in your home is the immediate advantage of generating your own electricity. Residential solar panel systems can help you save on high utility bills, avoid the continuing escalation of energy prices and save you money on taxes.

Solar System Benefits for Homes

Initial financial savings are not the only benefit of your investment in residential solar power—costs of electricity that continue to rise in the future will have no effect on you! By taking charge of your power generation, you are securing your energy future. Furthermore, making the move to solar panels for your home has lasting benefits for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

American Made Solar Panel Options … Powering the USA Cleanly and Efficiently

Is “American Made” important to you? Cedar Valley Energy understands and values the importance of American made products. To better serve your needs, we offer the option of all American made solar panels for your home installation, contact us to learn more about options for an American made solar installation.

Residential Solar Panel Costs:

Solar panels for houses are more affordable than they’ve ever been. Advances in technology and the wide spread availability of solar panels have helped to reduce costs. With incentives to help cover the cost, a solar energy system may be even more affordable than you think.

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